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3 Ways Stretching Can Reduce Stress

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Stress relief can be just a stretch away! In addition to its physical benefits, regularly stretching can be beneficial for one’s mental health. It has a direct impact on reducing stress, making it a great tool for stress relief that can be incorporated into any routine or lifestyle. Sounds too good to be true? Here are 3 ways stretching is able to help reduce stress!

Improves Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can lead to higher levels of stress. The brain needs sleep to function properly, and sleep deficiency can lead to issues such as trouble processing information or regulating emotions. Stretching helps relax the body and mind, prepping it for sleep. It also reduces pain caused by tightness, allowing for less disruption and discomfort during your sleep. 

Eases Physical and Mental Stress

Muscles often tighten up in response to mental stress. This stress often gets carried in the shoulders, lower back and neck. Stretching can help reduce the physical symptoms of stress, reducing discomfort in the body. Simultaneously, stretching can help reduce the mental stress by downregulating the nervous system into its parasympathetic mode, or “rest and digest” state. 

Focuses Awareness to the Present

Stress, anxiety and even depression often stem from the fear of the unknown and focusing on things out of one’s control. Having methods to assist with grounding to refocus on the present can help calm the mind and reduce stress and anxiety. Part of stretching is focusing on one’s breathing as you inhale and exhale through the stretch. This allows the person to focus on the present moment, allowing the mind to relax.

Make Stress Relief Easier with Assisted Stretching

Want the added benefit of stress relief as part of your wellness routine? Assisted stretching may be exactly what has been missing from your routine. Regularly getting stretched by a highly trained professional can help improve the quality of your day-to-day life through better mobility, reduced stress and tension, and increased energy. Plus, having someone handle the work of stretching you can help your body and mind fully relax, further decreasing stress you may be carrying. Check out a StretchLab near you to learn more!

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