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Stretching and Pain Relief - How Getting Stretched Helps Pain Management

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Are you looking for a way to finally get relief for that annoying back pain? Maybe, you're looking for a holistic pain relief method. Whether it’s for your back, neck, joints, etc, the pain relief you’re seeking may be right in front of you! Stretching. You know, the thing everyone is told they should do but doesn’t? Yes, stretching can make a big impact when it comes to pain relief!

How Stretching Helps Pain Relief and Pain Management

Everyone experiences pain from time to time. Maybe it’s from an intense workout session, a lack of correct movement in our daily routine, previous injury, or even from having slept wrong on the pillow last night. Regardless of why you’re experiencing pain, stretching can help reduce some of this discomfort.

When experiencing pain, one of the contributing factors could be tight muscles. Stretching can significantly reduce muscle tension. Your muscles need to experience movement in order to reduce tightness. This is why if you sit for long periods of time without breaks, you can feel tightness and pain in your lower body and back. And while moving around can bring some relief, stretching your muscles and holding them in a lengthening position for longer periods of time can help bring you better pain relief.

It’s also important to recognize how stretching can help with pain management and prevention. Stretching has been shown to improve joint mobility which can provide a greater range-of-motion in our daily activities. Apart from joint disease or injury, oftentimes people are experiencing pain in their joints because they are unable to comfortably take the joint through its full range-of-motion. If you can move better, you’ll feel better!

Stretching also facilitates better blood flow, allowing the muscles to recover faster and more effectively. Most people tend to be consistent with their workout routine or sports practices, but not their recovery practices. The harder the workout, the more crucial the recovery is. Muscle fibers need time to repair themselves to perform at their best each and every time. Stretching promotes more blood flow to the muscles which brings fresh oxygen and nutrients the cells need to repair and thrive. 

Why assisted stretching for pain Relief

You know stretching can help you with pain relief, but what if you’re not sure what muscles you need to stretch? Or what if you’re worried about hurting yourself more? An assisted stretch is just what you need!

During an assisted stretch, a highly trained professional like our Flexologists will help you stretch the muscles you need to help relieve tension and pain. They will also help you hold the stretch for an extended period of time so that you can feel the full benefits of the stretch.

Here at Stretchlab we also focus on "PNF" stretching which is Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation. This style of stretching focuses on contraction and release of tension which correlates with the breath, allowing the body to relax into a deeper range-of-motion. This means that when you work with our Flexologists, you’re able to safely get a deeper stretch and greater tension relief.

Plus, when we do our own stretching we are not always able to relax fully because our mind and body are in a heightened state of awareness. When being stretched by someone else, our body is able to let go and the mind can focus on the breath, allowing the body to relax and release tension. 

start feeling better

Stretching is a great option when looking to reduce daily aches and pains. It can help relieve tension in areas you’re currently experiencing pain, while also helping you prevent further injuries in the future. 
People typically think stretching and flexibility training are the kinds of physical exercises only dancers, gymnasts, or extreme athletes need to do. In reality, stretching and flexibility training can help us all move better if not safer. It helps us move more effectively throughout our day-to-day lives doing simple activities such as squatting down to pick up the newspaper or reaching overhead to grab a box off the shelf. If you have not already, book an assisted stretch at a StretchLab near you so you can start moving and feel better!

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