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Is Professional Stretching Worth Trying?

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Professional stretching has become a hot topic for people interested in improving their flexibility. But it raises the question, is professional stretching worth it? Does its value decrease or increase depending on the individual's level of fitness or age? And are there really more benefits to stretching with a professional versus on your own?

What is Professional Stretching

Professional stretching, also known as assisted stretching, refers to the act of having stretch techniques performed on an individual by a professional, such as a Flexologist. During a stretch session, a professional moves an individual through a series of stretches and controls them to achieve deeper stretches. This allows for a more targeted stretch, potentially accessing muscles and areas that may be difficult to reach when stretching alone.

People of all ages and fitness levels seek out professional stretching because of the added benefits. While anyone can stretch on their own, not everyone knows what stretches are best for their needs. In fact, many are even hesitant to perform certain stretches and positions because of the risk of injury or pain. Stretching with a professional ensures that an individual is pushing their muscles far enough to get a deep stretch without hurting themselves. Plus, a professional is able to properly incorporate advanced techniques to enhance benefits such as Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching.

why professional stretching at StretchLab is worth trying

What to Expect During a Professional Stretch Session at StretchLab

During a stretch session, our professional Flexologists will first assess with the client what the needs of the session are. Are they looking to improve their flexibility? Are they wanting to relieve tension in their neck? To help with this assessment, all StretchLab studios have a 3D body scanning tool called MAPS. This allows our professionals to better identify what areas need the most attention and customize the session to the individual’s body. 

Once the assessment is complete, a client is then directed to their bench for their professional Flexologist to begin their stretch session. Every stretch session at StretchLab is unique, as they are customized by our professionals to every client’s needs and goals. Our professionals assist clients through a series of stretch sessions, performing PNF techniques with each stretch. If desired, our clients can also incorporate the use of stretch tools such as foam rollers and Hypervolts to enhance their stretch sessions.

Professional assisted stretch sessions at StretchLab can range from 25 minutes to 50 minutes. Once a session is complete, our professionals do a final assessment with the client. Many StretchLab members report feeling loose and relaxed, but also energized and ready to tackle the rest of their day!

What Do Professional Stretching Studios Offer?

Every professional stretching studio is different and offers different amenities. Generally, you can expect a hands on, 1-on-1 experience in a relaxed environment. At StretchLab, our studios offer a variety of amenities to our members.

Ready to try a professional stretch session? Find the nearest StretchLab studio to you here!

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