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Golfer Shocked By Different Ways Assisted Stretching Helped Him

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George H is a StretchLab member that likes to keep himself active. He enjoys walks, lifting weights, and golfing. Like many StretchLab members, his introduction to assisted stretching was from a golfing buddy that was going to a different facility. George shares that his friend raved about the benefits of assisted stretching, but warned him it would be an hour of torture. Luckily, this torturous portrayal of assisted stretching didn't scare George away and he soon found himself at StretchLab. What he discovered was that, not only was the stretch pain-free, but he would be experiencing benefits he hadn’t even thought of!

Feeling Comfortable With Getting Stretched

Despite his friend’s portrayal from a different facility, George eagerly made an appointment to get stretched at StretchLab. He was excited for the benefits but quietly hoped it wouldn't hurt too badly. However, the pain never came. His Flexologist, Mckynzie, never pushed him beyond his comfort level.

At StretchLab, an assisted stretch should never hurt. Every Flexologist checks in with their member on their comfortability and will adjust the stretch to their comfort. The approach is gentle, and gradual. 

George found this to be true at his first session. And despite his initial hesitation, George says he wasn’t nervous after meeting his Flexologist. In fact, he says she put him at ease.

Unexpected Benefits of Assisted Stretching

After the first few sessions at StretchLab, George was amazed at how much better he was feeling and playing. His newfound mobility in his shoulder, spine, and hip rotation was helping in optimizing his golf swing. He shared stories of how he was now beating all his golf buddies and even encouraged them to try StretchLab. 

His Flexologist knew an assisted stretch could help reduce the stiffness George felt and improve his golf performance which didn’t surprise George. What did surprise him, however, were the number of other ways StretchLab would help him. Not only had his flexibility, range of motion, and golf game improved, but now his neck and shoulders didn’t hurt like they used to. He could turn his neck to check traffic. His arm, that used to freeze in a bent position, could now straighten fully and even be raised above his head. 

 "I can walk around without feeling unbalanced!"

George also felt more relaxed overall, sharing that he was sleeping better now that he was no longer in pain heading to bed. In fact, his sleep quality improved because there was no longer pain that would wake him up in the middle of the night. But perhaps the most surprising benefit to George was the positive effect on his balance. He stated, "I can walk around without feeling unbalanced!" After only a few weeks, George was experiencing positive changes in all different areas of his life!

“They Will See Results” Says Golfer

Consistency is a crucial element to any assisted stretching routine. To experience the full benefits, it’s necessary to stretch regularly so that the body maintains its progress. For some people, it can take up to twelve weeks to see the full benefits. According to George, he was already feeling much better after only four weeks.

When asked what he would want other people to know about StretchLab, George confidently says, "They will see results! Assisted stretching has worked on me and my friends. The staff puts you at ease, and the Flexologists all have an impressive background and training."

No matter the reason, whether for pain relief or improved performance, anybody can benefit from an assisted stretch. And many may even find themselves just as surprised as George by all the different ways StretchLab can improve their quality of life.


Contributed by George H, member at StretchLab Destin and Mckynzie N, Flexologist at StretchLab Destin

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